Friday, June 10, 2011

I need fresh air

I have a very outgoing personality, and I admit I'm gregarious. I've just realized that this disposition, although it really helps that I'm in a happy and good mood all the time regardless of circumstances, is not good all the time. Sometimes, there are times when I wonder if I have really lost myself in the laughter. You see, when you're loud, your ears are shut off to the beauty of silence. It takes silence to spark an inspiration, to get things in a new perspective, and to hear clearly God's voice. When you keep still, so many things come rushing to you and you just feel them until you can really connect with them.

I know I need to stay quiet at times, and find a secluded spot where I can think about anything. I realized I missed my pondering times, but I know that slowly but surely I'm getting back slightly lost pieces of me. I'm writing stories again but I have not written poems for quite some time. Considerable time had also passed since I've just stopped and stare at Mother Nature's beauty.

Maybe I should have a "creative" retreat? Oh well, now with my loaded class schedule, it would be quite hard to do so. But I believe God will guide me through setting the right time for everything.

Off-topic: I would post in this blog at least once a week...hopefully...:D

I love to why can't I blog?

This is a dilemma I've been facing for quite some time now. I just can't seem to find consistency on blogging. Now that I have a much more jam-packed class schedule, I guess it would be just a far-away dream again I'm afraid...