Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chikara Hat Madness

Well, maybe I do believe in love at first sight...but only with Chikara Hats!:D The first time I saw one sitting on top of my cousin's head, I've loved it and I've always wanted to buy one since then. Since I'm pretty scared at making online purchases, I've planned to buy one at an anime convention. But it's a crappy thing that I never went to conventions because of my parents...T__T

But at last! My wish came true and I finally had one! Yay! It was a Christmas gift and it's a frog aviator hat made of fleece. I've been planning to wear it in the resumption of classes....teehee!

Well, for my birthday on November, I want to treat myself to having this chikara hat custom-made...:)

I'm so happy...:D

A Kooky New Year

It was 11:45 PM. As usual, I was standing at the patio of our grandparents' house and watching the fireworks lit up by our neighbors. As the time draws near to midnight, the fireworks gradually became brighter and more expensive. It was quite weird how I, having seen so many fireworks in my life, be still amazed by the multi-colored pyrotechnics splashing neon colors on the palette which is the night sky.

A while ago, I saw the status of a Facebook friend saying, "What's with new years being big deals?"

Well, it seems we human beings are so enthralled by the fact that there is someone or something new. Whether it be a new notebook, a new pen, or even a new boy whom you've never met before, we love them all. I guess it's the same for new years. For me, it's like a clean slate. I think of new years as somehow a "back-to-zero" thing wherein you are given a new opportunity to make the most and the best out of the moments of your life.

On the other hand, I should not forget all the lessons I've learned in the past year. I remember when it was Jan. 1, 2010, I thanked God for the new year and I said that I hoped that year will be a year of maturity for me. True enough, I've been in situations in the past year that left me valuable lessons in life. I don't see the need to enumerate those situations as some of them are personal....:p. Nevertheless, I believe God really made me more mature and I can say I'm a better person than I was before.

This year, I prayed to God that this year will be the year of striving for perfection and holiness. This year, I want to take my faith and my relationship with God to the next level. I want to give more effort and time in doing everything for His glory. I want to be a fountain of blessing that all the blessings that God is giving me will be freely shared to others. I believe God will make me fulfill this year's theme...:D

Maybe my Facebook friend is getting cynical at the optimism of other people to reinvent themselves in a new year. It's as if "Hey, this is a new year. Thus, I should be 'new' too!" That's why there are New Year Resolutions. I believe that friend is getting sick of people not fulfilling their promises of improvement.

What's wrong with New Year Resolutions is that the things you want to improve on yourself may not be necessarily the same things God wanted to change in you. For example, maybe you want to shed off a couple of pounds, but God actually wanted you to shed off your very short temper. Improvements we want are usually for feeding our egos and taking ourselves to a higher level. But as I've said, that's not necessarily God's plan. And maybe that's the reason for the never-ending malady of frustrations brought about by broken New Year Resolutions promises.

Let's just pray to God for guidance for this brand new year. A Blessed New Year to everyone!