Monday, April 9, 2012

Wanted: Something to Say

I don't think people usually experience being invited by a party of her friend whom she never saw for five years already. Time really flies so fast and it's been five long years since we ate lunch and laughed together at one of the school's corridors. I remember listening to her stories about a guy whom she suspects of liking her. I remember her love for poems and books. We could sit all day and share anything because somehow we connect to each other. I remember her calling me by a very long name that ends with "baby kamatis." The weird feeling I get right now is quite funny. I've been thinking of the right words to say to her when we finally meet. But somehow, the five years seem to taunt me on coming up with the right string of words. A lot of things can happen in a how much more five years? I know that it's impossible that she never changed in that span of time. What if the changes that happened to both of us will hinder the connection we had before? What if I'm already uncomfortable in telling stories and random stuff to her? I'm quite nervous but I know that when I finally see her face, I know I would finally come up with the right words to say.